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Red Scare Essay

  • Submitted by: mclovinbbee
  • on December 19, 2012
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Compare and Contrast the Post WWI Red Scare to the Post WWII Red Scare

The Red Scare of the 1920s and the Red Scare of the 1950s both centered on the fear of communism and the domination of the USSR superpower. During both time periods, America was filled with great fear and many people were persecuted and jailed for expressing their own views. With this, civil rights and liberties were defied. Due to the fact that the US was a capitalist nation, communism was unacceptable and would bring evil consequences in overthrowing the government. Thus, this led the government to question those around them, even ones who occupied positions in office. As the first Red Scare focused on immigrants, the second Red Scare did so on US citizens. The Red Scares brought immense fear. The similaraties of the two Scares would best show its affect on America.

In the Red Scares, Americans dreaded the influence of communism within the US government. Moreover, the Sacco and Vanzetti Trial occurred. Two immigrant anarchists were convicted of murder and with a small amount of evidence, executed during the first Red Scare. Such a case led up to the Rosenberg Trials, with two American Jews who were believed to be communists. This led to a great conspiracy throughout the whole nation that the two were commiting espionage and to their execution in 1953. With the whole Red Scare being such a huge conspiracy, it led to those of legal positions to do the radical things. For example, Attorney General Alex Palmer Mitchell, who started the General Intelligence Division Bureau of Investigation, led the Palmer Raids. Moreover, many around the US felt the same anti-communist views that Mitchell had. This led to thousands of radicals and leftists imprisoned or deported to Russian lands, without warrants. Moreover, the use of free speech was widely used and became a huge factor of the war. During the Second Red Scare, Senator McCarthy of the US government began the wide hunt to searching for...

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