Red River Essay

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Red River Valley • Thomas Selkirk founded the Red River Colony in 1821. This land was part of Rupert’s land. • The population was made up of Métis people and ‘country born’ or ‘mixed blood’ people. o Métis people are half-French and half aboriginal o Country born people are half English and half aboriginal. o There were slightly more Métis people in Red River. • In the 1860s, HBC agreed to give up its monopoly of the Northwest and negotiated the transfer of Rupert’s Land with Canada • Canada was set to take over the Red River settlement on December 1, 1869 • While the HBC and Canada were negotiating, Americans and Canadians began moving into the Red River settlement • The Canadian government sent surveyors to divide up the Red River Settlement without paying attention to the residents. • Settlers were becoming fearful of losing their land rights and culture. Think about it... How would you feel if the government negotiated the takeover of your land without talking to you? How would you react? What would you do? • William McDougall was appointed as the first lieutant governor of the Red River area by the Canadian government without consulting with the people of Red River • Settlers prevented him from getting in when he attempted to enter the settlement • Louis Riel began to act as a spokesperson for the Métis people of the Red River • The Canadian government refused to take over Red River on December 1, 1869 because of the Métis opposition Rebellion • Riel’s people took over Upper Fort Garry and fought against Canadian supporters • the settlers form a provisional government led by Louis Riel • Riel is able to gain support of most of the English speakers of Red River • They decide to form a representative provisional government to neogiate their terms of entry

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