Red Panda Essay

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The Diminishing Red Pandas Red pandas, also known as the Ailrus fulgens, are adorable and playful creatures that are loved by many people all over the world. They have the body shape similar to that of raccoon but more slim and are red, white and brown in color. As opposed to the giant panda, which is in a completely family, red panda rarely ever weigh over fourteen pounds and like to climb around in trees with their cat-like features. Unfortunately, the red pandas are becoming suddenly endangered too just like many other animals in the last century. This means it’s up humans to do their part and prevent the red pandas from seizing to exist. Red pandas currently live in cool temperate bamboo forests of China and foothills of the Himalayas in Nepal and Bhutan as well as parts of northern Myanmar. In their ecosystem, some abiotic, or nonliving, factors that can found there include: seasonable climate, heavy rainfall, strong wind, and strong sunlight. Some biotic, or living, factors include: evergreen trees that they hide in, fruits, acorns, roots and eggs that they eat; and their only predator, the leopard. In their ecosystem, red pandas fulfil the niche, or role, of being a herbivore meaning they only eat fruits and vegetables. Without their existence, the whole environment in which they live in would be thrown out of balance. Many things are happening to the red panda’s ecosystem, many of which are human caused. The biggest change is that forests are shrinking due to deforestation for human land development and logging. This limits the amount of space the organisms have to live in and increases the competition between them. Illegal hunting and poaching from the natives is also an issue. This can drastically lower the population count for certain species in the matter of a few years. This is why people need to do something about these changes to the

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