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The red panda, also known as the lesser panda, is one of the most interesting animals in the world. This mammal has reddish-brown fur and a long striped tail. An interesting fact about this animal is that it is the only species in their genus, Ailurus (except for their ancestors). Recent studies showed that the red panda's family is the Ailurus. Previous studies often thought this mammal was either in the Urisadae family, which consists of bears, or the Procyonidae family, which consists of raccons.The red panda's scientific name is Ailurus fulgens.Not only that, but this animal is also known by many names such as the Fire C, Bright Panda, Common Panda, and Sankam. The red panda is an amazing animal to learn about. Having the similar physical characteristics as the raccoon, the red panda has a covering of soft, reddish-brown fur on its upper body; while they also have dark fur in their lower part of their body, which is used to be able to camoflauge near their surroundings. Its thick dense fur is used to protection themselves from cold and snowy mountains in its habitat. The red panda has a white snout and ears, with white streaks on their face. The body of the panda ranges from twenty to twenty-five inches. The red panda's ringed tail, can be between eleven and nineteen inches. An average weight for a red panda is six to twelve pounds. An extradinary trait about the red panda is that, like the panda, this animal has one extra "thumb" which is used to grip things. Another fact is the long whiskers of the red panda is used to navigate their enviroment at night. Also, red pandas have fur at the soles of their feet which is used to grip branches and keep their feet warm The red panda is found in the biome of the Temperate Deciduous Forest. Their habitat is the bamboo forest in the cold, misty mountains of the Himalayas to southwest of China. The altitude ranges

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