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Naquash Kajani Professor Davis RCC 100: What is Truth? Problem of Iron Cage Many philosophers such as Plato and Weber thought that we humans live in a world of material being. A world which is made up of materialistic things and we do not try and go deeper into the existence of humans. This is what they called the problem of Iron Cage. Plato in his Allegory of the Cave gives us an example of iron cage. Plato visualizes a cave which is completely dark and lit by fire. The humans are tied up inside the cave and they do not see each other but rather only see shadows of themselves and others. Humans inside the cave assume that these shadows are real objects which exist. This is an example of perception where we humans perceive through our senses. Here since the humans are bound and they can only see, they trust their sight and believe what they see. Here in this case, the humans see their own shadow and believe it to be real object. Plato visualizes another example where one person from the iron cage is let free and he is moving forward to leave the cave. As soon as he comes in contact with the bright light outside the cave, he is blinded and has a lot of difficulty in seeing the outside world. Here comes the main problem of iron cage where we humans are surrounded by material world and our perception is being limited to only the material world. We are kept engrossed in this materialistic world that we cannot go outside this world and look beyond it. The material world is what is blocking us humans from perceiving what lies behind this materialistic world. In the movie, The Matrix, Neo was offered two pills, one pill led him back to the world we humans live in i.e. the materialistic world and the other pill which took him to the other side of the materialistic world and exposed him to the real truth of the universe. When we talk about materialistic world, a

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