Red Cross And Katrina Essay

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Rivera 1 Red Cross and Katrina Evaluation of the Response from the Red Cross to the Katrina disaster from Human Services delivery perspective Luz Rivera Human Services Delivery Empire State College Instructor: Sean Mathews January 20,2011 Rivera 2 Summary Before the criticism starts as to what the Red Cross did not do, it should be stated for the record what the agency did accomplish. Estimates have reached and exceeded 2 billions dollars needed for the relief effort of Katrina with assistance be provided to 1.2 million families witch correlates to 3.7 million survivors. Temporary housing was provided to 3.42 million in the form of overnight stays in over 1,100 shelters all across America. There were more than 219,500 relief workers for every state in the Union. 27.4 million meals and 25.2 million snacks were distributed to the survivors. There was over ½ million personal needs kits distributed to the survivors to help with personal hygiene and basic human needs. ( As for the critiques of other disaster relief organizations, the reports specified inexperienced workers and the inability to move needed resources to the survivors as the biggest problems. The reports show that with a weeks notice as to the arrival of Katrina, mobilization should have been accomplished beforehand instead of after the fact. Reduction in mobility after the storm should have been and understood obstacle making pre-mobilization vital to their post storm relief effort. Rivera 3 The harshest of the criticism may have come from its counterpart, the British red Cross which was quoted as saying “ as long as the Red Cross relies on

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