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St. James and St. Joseph School Winson Liang Gr.8 Writing 2/3/12 Volunteers, you may wonder what they are or what they do. Well, a volunteer is a person who offers to do something on their on free will. Volunteers have been everywhere and they have been there to help people, people like you! They are people from different countries, different backgrounds, and different religions, but they will be there for you. The American Red Cross was founded in 1881 by a Civil War nurse named Clara Barton. The Red Cross was later recognized, ad then in 1905 Congress granted it a new charter that established the basic organization of today's American Red Cross. The Red Cross grew during World War I, it met the welfare needs of rapidly expanding military forces. The Red Cross established 58 base hospitals, and 54 oversea hospitals. After the war, they aided millions of veterans and established 2,400 public health nursing services throughout the U.S. During World War II, the Red Cross collected more than 13 million pints of blood, and during the Cold War they aided refugees of Algerian and Hungarian revolts. They also spent nearly $146 million during the 1960's on disaster relief and rehabilitation. Clara Barton was a Civil War nurse who cared for the Confederate and Union soldiers who were wounded or sick. She would follow the Union army into battles, and during the fight she would carry Confederate and Union soldiers into wagons and bring them back to the Union camp to help and nurse them back to health. Clara Barton is someone who saved and changed lives, she is the founder of the Red Cross. In the end, volunteers are a part of history, part of the world, part of us. That's because each and everyone of us can make a difference, just by lending a hand. That is if you

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