The Red Convertible

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The love between brothers runs deep like a river. It is a bond that can not be explained. For brothers who have this kind of connection it is wonderful and powerful. However, to lose this connection is devastated. It hurts and it is a painful. The emotions we have are overwhelming, moreover, they are haunting. In Louise Erdrich’s short story “The Red Convertible,” Lyman’s Life experience will give readers the understanding that time, war, and death will change people, but the bonds of brotherhood can-not be broken, or save the life of your brother. Lyman seemed to have it easier then the rest of the native boys on his reservation. Lyman was different and everyone noticed it. Lyman was smart and when he saw an opportunity he took it. He was the only native boy that was allowed in the American Legion Hall to shine shoes. Lyman had a talent for making money; he owned his talent. At Christmas time he was allowed to sell spiritual bouquets, and the nuns let him keep a percentage. Once he started making money it seemed to come easy. He worked in the Joliet café, as a dish washer. Before long he was managing, and then he own the café until it was destroyed by a tornado. For which he had received a nice insurance settlement. However, he was still lucky. During the Vietnam War Lyman’s draft number was never called. He did not even worry about it. Although, lucky with his finances, Lyman had changed, when Henry, his brother died. Lyman decided that he would no longer drive a car, he would walk around town. He was deeply saddened by Henry death. He missed the good times he shared with his brother. The trips they would take and lying in the green pastures with no cares in the world, just day dreaming! Although for Henry, luck was not on his side. Unlike his brother, money was always an issue. Henry had held many jobs, and had been laid off a few times. He defiantly had to

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