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Red bull’s Rise as a sports leader On the silver and blue can there are two bulls charging against each other, fighting to their death. Red Bull is the world’s most recognized energy drink and they have seen their sales skyrocket into the stratosphere with sales accounting to a total of 40 billion cans of the drink that “gives you wings” (Periut, 2012; Smith, 2012). This metaphor is meant to relate to Red Bull’s eccentric and highly innovative Stratos project designed to transcend human limits (Morgan, 2013). Red Bull sponsored Felix Baumgartner, an Austrian sky diver to ride a Stratospheric balloon 128,100 feet into the stratosphere and then free fall back to earth reaching supersonic speeds before parachuting safely to the ground (Red Bull Stratos, 2012). With their own unique way of marketing Red Bull has seen themselves to be the leading brand in energy drinks. Red Bull create buzz for their product with the help of their umbrella brand Red Bull Media House. Also Sponsorship of events with extreme nature has fostered not only the company’s growth but also its place as an action sports leader (Jessop, 2012) “Krathing Daeng” Which means Red Bull is a tonic drink from Thailand that has been widely popular throughout Asia. In 1985, an Austrian and former Proctole and Gamble marketing manager, Dietrich Mateschitz Stumbled upon the drink at a bar in Hong Kong (Morgan, 2013). Dietrich came up with the idea market the drink to appeal western culture by developing a carbonated version of the drink in graphic packaging. It was then launched into the Austrian market using the catch phrase “Red Bull Verleiht Flüüügel” which translates to “Red Bull gives you wings” (Richey & Keller, 2011). This was not only a launch of a completely new product, but in fact it was the birth to a totally new category (Khan, 2012). For first few years Red Bull could only be obtained in

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