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Red Bull and its Business Strategy Business strategy is the means on how to achieve the basic long-term goals and objectives. It can also be described, as the long- term business planning a company will try to achieve. A business strategy can cover anywhere from 3 to 5 years depending on their objective. (…) I will analyze the business strategy of Red Bull and the business opportunities it has to offer. In 1982 Red Bull was the discovered by a 62 year old Austrian toothpaste salesman, Dietrich Mateschitz. He had discovered this dynamic drink known as Red Bull GmbH (RB) after experiencing jet lag in Thailand. This new discovery opened up a vast market up in Thailand as well as outside of the country. Dietrich had a vision and believed that this little powerful drink in a can, will have a big success with a specific target market of people. In an interview on 2011 with Fast Company magazine, Dietrich explained what “Red Bull stands for is that it “gives you wings….’ Describing this potent drink to deliver skills, abilities, power and so on… Red Bull’s strategic moves began with sports events and the music trend that developed of this type of brand label. Red Bull targets different type of lifestyles, demographics and socio-economic status. Red Bull continues to be one of the top sellers of energy drinks on the market. One of the competitors up against Red Bull is Monster because it has increased in a market shares within the last few years. Energy drinks continue to grow steadily in today’s market despite of the health concerns and the economy. Energy drinks have beat out soda sales in 2013 because the popularity turns to them for an energy boost as well as alertness. This material is import and relevant to the course content because of the uniqueness of Red Bull. This particular company is an extension of the

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