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Integrated Marketing Communications I. Red Bull’s targeted forms of IMC: A. Public Relations  Red Bull is successful in their public relations field because they plan accordingly through:  Generating extensive publicity across all mediums, such as: TV, radio, print, flyers, drinks, towels, stickers, cars, etc.  Launching parties, activities, events, press releases, and commercials that clearly communicate the meaning of their product.  Attracting spectators through fun and exciting projects. They make their product look interesting, intriguing, engaging to participate in and watch to the general public, as well as, the extreme. Also, Red Bull hits international frontiers. II. Social Media  Red Bull invests in online platforms that will give them a better marketing ROI in the long run.  Instead of relying on audience traditional media properties, Red Bull is building their own audiences through business development and inbound marketing.  Examples of how Red Bull shows content marketing and social media functions:  Red Bull’s homepage looks like an action sports news site.  The company puts out professional-grade news articles, feature stories, and videos everyday which channels them to social marketing networks like Facebook and Twitter. III. Advertising  Red Bull mainly markets through creative advertising, targeted sponsorships and events, and sampling to consumers, in order to receive their product.  Media Advertising:  Red Bull uses media channels, such as: cinema, TV, radio, press, and the most important, the Internet.  Their focused advertisements are towards young people.  Sports and Events Sponsoring:  Company’s concentration is on supporting the image, credibility, and visibility of their product.  They do this by sponsoring extreme athletes and events, as well as, with logos and stickers.  Sampling:  Sampling

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