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Red Bull – It Gives You Wiiings October 9, 2011, Suzuka, Japan: Sebastian Vettel becomes the youngest F1 driver to win back-to-back world titles with his Red Bull Formula One Racecar (RedBull, 2011). Little did the founder, Dietrich Mateschitz, of Red Bull know that his trip to Thailand in 1982 would change his life and the global beverage market tremendously. The unusual introduction to the market and the unconventional marketing tactics, catapulted the drink to leading the newly created category of the functional drinks market. Parts of the eccentric market penetration by Red Bull are outlined in the following passages. Stakeholders Analysis Red Bull appeals to very specialized groups, mainly extreme sports or a specific parts of the music industry, namely the techno/ravers scene. The attraction to this drink by any segments is in turn Red Bull’s strength, because the customer declares the appeal for the drink him/herself. The extreme sportsman is in need of alertness, better reflexes, or a power and a concentration surge at any given moment. On the contrary of sports, was the ravers scene, where an energy boost was needed, to be able to dance throughout the night. A research team from the Loughborough University Sleep Research Centre concluded that one can of Red Bull was effective in reducing sleepiness and that two cans of Red Bull could eliminate fatigue for 90 minutes (Darden Business Publishing). The quantitative analysis is what motivation a costumer has to buy this brand. A small research and sampling was done in London, where participants in the age range of 20-27 filled out 30 questionnaires. The results can also be applied to Switzerland, hence the inclusion of this data. - 25 out of 30 participants have bought Red Bull before; the remaining 5 didn’t purchase it for health concerns nor did they like the taste of the product.

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