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Race in the community of Red Bluff, CA I have lived in Red Bluff, Ca, which was incorporated in 1876, since 2006. Let me tell you a little about the history of this town. Red Bluff derives its name from its location on a high vertical bank at the bend of the Sacramento River. The story of Red Bluff really begins seven or eight years before the community came into existence because there is a prologue covering comings and goings and projects of the famous Peter Lassen, whose name was given to a county, a national park, a volcano, and a highway. At the very beginning, Red Bluff became the marketing and distributing center for a large area and its scope in that role widened steadily. By 1853, it was the chief commercial city in the northern part of the Sacramento Valley, and its streets continually crowded with pack trains operating to and from points as far away as…show more content…
Unemployment rate for Asian males: 12.1% Unemployment rate for Asian females: 36.0% 5. Unemployment rate for other race males: 17.6% Unemployment rate for other race females: 10.1% 6. Unemployment rate for two or more race males: 0.0% Unemployment rate for two or more race females: 17.9% 7. Unemployment rate for Hispanic or Latino males: 15.2% Unemployment rate for Hispanic or Latino females: 10.6% (, 2008) As you can tell, the percentage rates for all these ethnic backgrounds are high, considering the population of the city. So how much is the household income for these groups? The other problem that I am noticing according to is the median household income in 1999 for: 1. White non-Hispanic householders: $27,046 2. Black householders: $22,344 3. American Indian and Alaska Native householders: $31,932 4. Asian householders: $39,107 5. Some other race householders: $25,117 6. Two or more races householders: $15,375 7. Median household income in 1999, Hispanic or Latino race:

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