Red Azalea by Anchee Min

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Red Azalea by Anchee Min ABOUT THE AUTHOR: 1.) Anchee Min was born in Shanghai in 1957. She was chosen to become a leader of the Little Red Guards which was a group of elementary children. At 17, Min was sent to a labor camp in near East China Sea. There, she faced mental and physical hardships, which include a severe spinal cord injury. In 1984, Min left for America. When she arrived in Chicago, Min spoke very little English. By watching Sesame street, within six months she had taught herself the language. 2.) Anchee Min wrote this book to inform people about the hardships she has faced during China’s Cultural Revolution. This book has been compared to the Diary of Anne Frank for its similarities. 3.) Red Azalea was published in 1994. Something that affects the book historically is that the China Cultural Revolution was mentioned in the book, because she had to go through the hardships of living during that period of time. 4.) Since this is a memoir of Anchee Min’s life growing up in China during the Cultural Revolution, I don’t think there’s much bias in the book, because she lived through it. It reminds me of Diary of Anne Frank. 5.) I think this book is like an Autobiography and an eye-witness book as well. I think that because Anchee witnessed this with her eyes, everything that has happened in her life. I think it’s also an autobiography because it’s mainly about her life, and what she has gone through growing up in China during that period. SETTING: 1.) Most of the book takes place in Shanghai and the labor camp. She was taken to a labor camp 17. While in the camp she was chosen to be in a propaganda film that was being put together by the communist leader at the time. He died before the movie was finished. Finally, with the help of an actress in China, she moved to Chicago, Illinois, and taught herself English. Watching Sesame Street and Mr. Rogers

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