Recycling: To Act Essay

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Recycling On College Campuses: To Act Similar to Shakespeare’s Hamlet’s famous phrase, “To be or not to be,” to act or not to act is often determined by convenience in today’s society. All too often if a task, small or large, does not have a substantial reward, members of society do not act to complete the task. That being said, recycling is a relatively new phenomenon that requires members of society to choose to inconvenience themselves and act. If recycling bins are most commonly placed in schools, large businesses and neighborhoods, how can a single college campus overlook such a common and practical procedure? This is a question that I have had since I arrived at Mississippi State University in the fall of last year. Because Mississippi State does not make recycling a convenience for its students and faculty, it is important that all students become aware of the impact that one college campus that recycles can have, understand the importance of recycling at Mississippi State for the environment, the university and the community, evaluate other successful recycling programs, and examine possible and affordable solutions to make recycling a convenience for the Mississippi State community. It is essential that students and faculty understand the growing need for recycling at Mississippi State. Clearly, colleges and universities are very large institutions that produce enormous amounts of paper and other recyclable materials every single day. Particularly at Mississippi State, superfluous amounts of newspapers such as The Reflector, printed notes, coke bottles, cardboard boxes, and a plethora of flyers are produced or in the possession of students and faculty on a daily basis. For instance, Chemistry professors require students to print out notes, numerous drink bottles are purchased at convenience stores on campus and paper announcements are posted all over the

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