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Waste-to-energy plants reduce the need for land filling by one ton("Energy from Garbage is Renewable"). At most landfills there is a football field sized hole in the ground that they have to cover with clay to prevent the garbage from leaking into the cities drinking water ( Martin ). If the garbage does leak it could cause major health issues to the city or town that it leaks into. Recycling is the collection, processing, remanufacture, and reuse of materials that otherwise would be thrown away. This topic is very important because it can help not pollute the earth and save us money in the long run. It does cost a lot of money to recycle because some factories have to sort through them by hand and get the recyclable materials separated to use them. Recycling is a very important social issue because some people might not want to pay to get it picked up at the end of their driveway, or are just too lazy to take it to the recycling bins. In some towns it makes their trash pick-up cheaper if they recycle. In some cases, it could split their bill in half if they recycle. In some other towns they could spend a lot of money getting it picked up at their home, or spend it in gas money. A long time ago in history they did not have to worry about recycling because they just threw their trash on the ground and it would decompose (Chertow). But now days, we have too many people and we are not spaced out like they were back then. So, we should recycle the things that we can, and help our earth out and keep it clean (Chertow). Recycling can keep trash out of landfills and can be profitable to cities; I think that recycling should be mandatory because it can keep trash out of landfills. There are many health risks if the trash is dumped in the landfills it can pollute our earth and take up space. Too many people do not recycle they should because it can cause health problems

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