Recycling Essay

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Recycling is Beneficial The human population increases each day that passes. As a result, a lot of pollution is affecting the lives of millions and could potentially pose a threat to future generations. Many know that pollution exists, but don’t take action because they feel pollution is inevitable. However, several steps are offered for everyone to keep the Earth and its inhabitants healthy. When you’re walking in an urban area have you noticed the smog cloud hovering over your head and that it becomes impossible to breathe? In contrast, when you walk in a rural area you feel the fresh air being filtered by the grove of trees. We need oxygen to breathe and trees are a good source of oxygen. If trees were to be cut the air quality would be unhealthy. The trees breathe in carbon dioxide, which we emit, and release it as oxygen, which is essential for all living species. Would you drink water from a river not knowing what hazardous chemicals lay in it? What if you thought, well that’s just one river. There are hundreds of rivers that have fresh drinkable water. There’s only one problem. How much time is there left from contaminating the Earth’s natural resources? This is urgent, and if you’re concerned with life then you would act to prevent this from happening while there’s still time. There are many solutions that are easy to follow that help reduce pollution. The main solution which is seen on televisions, newspapers, and billboards is recycling. Many cities have strong recycling programs, but the people who recycle are the ones who make the program strong. In Dallas all you have to do is dial 311 and ask for a recycling container. The city employees will deliver the container to your residence in a matter of days. What happens if you don’t know what to recycle? The recycling container displays what objects you can recycle. For instance, you can recycle

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