Recycling Essay

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Recycling has many benefits Recycling is the act of reusing waste products by recovering and reprocessing materials that are normally thrown away. Over the last five years recycling has become a very popular cause to support; there are many groups who have made it their job to help the planet because they feel that recycling will help to decrease global warming and make a healthier environment for humans. In fact, recycling has many benefits such as environmental, economic, and health benefits. Recycling has many different environmental advantages. One great advantage is that it causes less trash; by recycling some items the amount of trash is greatly reduced. Concurrently, the benefits to less trash are fewer landfills polluting our environment. Another advantage is recycling effect on the ozone layer. This layer exists to keep harmful ultraviolent rays from reaching the surface of the earth. Unfortunately, scientists in the last ten years have found that the rising pollution rate is causing the ozone layer to start decreasing. However, recycling garbage and waste can help to stop the destruction to the ozone layer. A final benefit of recycling toward the environment is it saves energy. When we reuse certain materials such as bottles, aluminum cans, and tires less energy is used to produce the material in the first place. Another advantage is that recycling not only reduces trash, but bottles and cans can be returned for money. It can also help economically because when a product is reused, factories do not have to make a new product. It has been said that “today 69 percent of the world’s steel is recycled.” Additionally, since it is recycled and reused “it saves about 74 percent of the energy that is used to make new steel.” The last advantage to recycling is health advantages. The more that people recycle the less landfills we have to make. With fewer

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