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Name: El Mehdi Tleb Prof: Class: ENG 11 Thursday January 31, 2013 Never let a professor suspect that you are cheating in any exam. In 2009, I was preparing for the final high school exam to graduate, and it was the only chance for me to make my dream in the United States of America come true. However, I have never expected to be accused of cheating by the professor. Therefore, acting like I was cheating put me in serious trouble. Before I went to school to take the final exam, I have not slept the whole night because I felt depressed and worried if I did not do so well. I was thinking how is the exam would be. My heart was beating like a vibrate cheer. However, my mother kept comforting me that everything would be fine. She prepared a breakfast for me and then I drove my father’s car to school. It was a beautiful day, the sun was bright and the weather was cool. I turned the radio on jazz channel while I was driving to relax and feel some relieve before the exam. The traffic was very bad, but I was on time. Everybody was standing behind the door before the door opened at 8 am. Also, the police was there to make sure that everything was going right. When the school doors opened, there was a huge blackboard beside the door where students could see their names and classrooms. When I saw my name, I ran to get in the class to see the desk that I would be sitting on. I found the classroom, and It had rectangular shape 300 ft 200, and was painted in yellow, hanged with a long rectangular blackboard on the wall, and had 40 desks, and every desk fitted two students. However, in final exam every student should sit in their desks, so it is hard for students to see each other’s paper. Additionally, every desk is numbered so that way they cannot sit anywhere they want. My desk was the third on right side of the classroom door. The classroom was very warm and everybody

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