Recruitment, Selection and Induction Essay

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| Recruitment, Selection and Induction | | Assessment Task 2 | | DN7A34 | Oksana Toma | 14/04/2014 | | Contents Analysing Job Requirements 2 Job Analysis Process 2 Job Description 2 Person Specifications 2 Application Forms 2 Description of an Office Manager 3 Description of an Administrator 4 Person Specification 5 Application Form – Office Manager 7 Application Form – Administrator 10 Attracting Suitable Candidates 13 Sources of Recruitment 13 External Sources 13 Internal Sources 13 Screening Process 14 Reaching Suitable Candidates 15 Assessing Suitable Candidates 15 Selection Techniques 15 Preparing a Rating System to Make a Selection Decision 16 Analysing Job Requirements Job Analysis Process Job analysis is an important process of identifying, collecting and analysing information and activities involved as well as attributes needed to perform the job. Job Description Job description is a written statement based on objective information obtained through job analysis. In order to do a job description is needed to collect as much information as possible about the job duties, responsibilities, most important contributions and outcomes needed from a position, required qualifications and skills of candidates, and reporting relationship and co-workers of a particular job. Employee job descriptions clearly identify out the responsibilities of a specific job, including information about working conditions, tools, equipment used, knowledge and skills needed, and relationships with other positions. Person Specifications Person specifications are an extension of job analysis and contain a profile of the candidate which is required for a specific job. The key elements of a person specification are: education, knowledge, skills, and preferences. As part of the job responsibility some
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