Recruitment Policy Essay

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RECRUITMENT AND SELECTION POLICY Document Title Recruitment and Selection Policy Document Number 2009/07 v3 Author James Henry/Colin Fleet Author’s Job Title HR Business Partner/ HR Business Partner Department Human Resources Ratifying Committee Human Resources & Organisational Development Committee Ratified Date February 2011 Review Date March 2014 Owner Jacqui Bate Owner Job Title Director of Human Resources, OD & Communications Page 1 of 24 RECRUITMENT AND SELECTION POLICY Contents 1. INTRODUCTION 3 1.1 Scope 3 1.2 Equal Opportunities 3 1.3 Objectives 3 1.4 Roles and Responsibilities 4 2. RECRUITING THE RIGHT ‘RESOURCE’ 4 3 SELECTION 6 4 EMPLOYMENT OFFERS 8 5 PRE-EMPLOYMENT CHECKS FOR ALL EMPLOYEES 9 6 COMMENCING EMPLOYMENT 12 7. MONITORING AND EFFECTIVENESS 13 8. EQUALITY IMPACT ASSESSMENT 135 APPENDIX 1 14 APPENDIX 2 15 APPENDIX 3 17 Appendix 4 23 Page 2 of 24 1 INTRODUCTION 1.1 Scope The Trust recognises that effective recruitment and selection practices are fundamental to its future success and that good selection can lead to better patient care, higher morale, lower turnover of staff and lower rates of absenteeism. This policy is designed to assist managers to get the best candidates for their vacancies and to fill vacancies within a reasonable timescale at a reasonable cost; all within best practice, following employment legislation, NHS standards and the Trusts Single Equality Scheme (SES) Medical Staffing appointments may be subject to additional guidelines and specialist advice should be sought from Human Resources. All appointments must be made in accordance with this policy and would therefore, be subject to approval,
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