Recruitment And Selection In British Army

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Abstract This research is based on the Recruitment and selection process of the British Army and the outlook of the common people towards a career in the British Army and the awareness among the people about the recruitment and selection process of the British Army and the overall structure of the British Army. The research will be conducted in six stages. In the second stage the theories and concepts associated with the research are understood and reviewed to give us a better understanding of the research question and also to understand the research from the academic point of view. The third stage the methods required to conduct a research are discussed in brief and based on those methods the methods which are relevant to the research and feasible due to the time frame and the respondents being contacted will be chosen. Based on the research methods chosen we will then be collecting the relevant data needed to answer the research question and analysing the data that is collected to convert it into a more meaningful information. Using this information and our personal understanding of the concept we will be drawing out the conclusions which aim to answer the research questions logically draw out the results. Once the conclusions have been made we will be making recommendations which in our opinion if taken can help to minimize the research problem and its associated theories. Introduction The British Army is one of the most oldest and finest armies of the world and constitutes the land forces that are responsible to tackle the external threats that may arise infront of the United Kingdom and is headed by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. The British Army came into existence after the kingdoms of england, wales and scotland into one country called the United Kingdom in the year 1707. It combined the regiments that were already existing in the kingdoms of
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