Recruitment and Selection

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chapter 9 Recruitment and Selection Ray F ren c h a n d Sa lly R u m b le s LEA RN ING OU TC OMES After reading this chapter, you should be able to: ● ● ● ● ● comprehend the potential importance of recruitment and selection in successful people management and leadership identify aspects of recruitment and selection which are needed to avoid critical failure factors understand recruitment and selection policies and procedures which are said to be asociated with high performance, commitment and successful organisational outcomes evaluate selection methods according to criteria of professionalism including reliability, validity and fairness appreciate the links between recruitment and selection and other activites which integrate workers within an organisation and ensure their longer-term successful working. ov e r vie w In this chapter we examine the important role of recruitment and selection within the process of leading, managing and developing people. Recruitment and selection is pivotal in this regard in certain important respects. At the most basic level our focus in this book is on people management within the employment relationship. Those charged with recruiting people to posts in work organisations take a crucial ‘gatekeeper’ role; only those people selected for employment can be led, managed and developed. So in the most fundamental sense the decision to employ (or not) underpins the whole area of managing people. Issues associated with exclusion from the workplace also highlight the need for professionalism, fairness and ethical behaviour on the part of those engaged in this activity. Recruitment and selection also has an important role to play in ensuring worker performance and positive organisational outcomes. It is often claimed that selection of workers occurs not just to replace departing employees or add
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