Recruitment And Retention Case Study

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Recruitment and Retention Case Study In order to keep up with company growth and meet staffing needs to effectively run the business, Doiturself Home Improvement Supply Store needs to see how the current compensation and benefits package is impacting our recruiting and retention. Currently the compensation and benefits package include base salary, 401k with a 5-year vesting cycle, two weeks vacation and insurance. The initial step I would take, is talk to the compensation team and determine what the going rate is for specific jobs are. This would be determined through salary surveys and doing some research of our competitors. I would then speak with HR Generalist and determine what kind of feedback they have received from others that have left the company as well as employees within the company. Questions such, as “Are our benefits competitive to our competitors” would be asked. We would then speak to HR Recruiters and determine what benefits potential candidates are asking for. Finally we would gather all data and determine if the cause of turn over is compensation and benefits related. Two factors that I would add to the benefits and compensation package would be a 9/80 schedule and employee discounts. Adding a 9/80 schedule to the compensation and benefits package will allow a full time employee to take one day of paid time off every two weeks. Working 9 hours a day for one week (5 days) and 9 hours for four days the following week. The time off will allow employees to take care of personal business during that day, to help reduce people taking random days off and calling in. The next addition to the benefits and compensation package would be an employee discount program. The employee discount program would allow any employee, full time or part time to buy store items at a discounted price. Adding the employee discount would encourage employees to buy
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