Recreational Drugs Essay

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Theme: When asked, many people say that the use of is on the increase. Scientific evidence supports this view, with the UN warning last year of a 25% increase by 2050. The “War on Drugs” has been being fought since the beginning of the 1970s, largely to no avail. Perhaps a strategy of legalization, education and taxation would give better results. Essay: It is a general economic rule, that as long as there is a demand for drugs there will always be a supply, unless scarcity occurs, but it doesn’t appear as if Colombia is running out of cocaine anytime soon. It is very difficult to control drug imports. There is no way to stop drug imports completely. By keeping a drug off the streets, its price soars, which makes the drug profitable. Drugs cannot be stopped by making them more profitable. This simple concept the government does not seem to understand. Each time the police makes a drug bust, it makes the monster bigger, the drug more profitable. The only way to kill this monster is to make it collapse on its own weight. By legalizing drugs the whole black market would crumble, making illegal drugs as expensive as prescription drugs, the whole world economy would also benefit greatly. South American countries could finally get out of debt by legally exporting drugs. The United States of America are acting as a world police. They are fighting a “War on Drugs”, but there is no way that the United States is going to stop the whole world from producing drugs. Drug use has been in human history, and no law of any kind is going to stop humans from experimenting with drugs. Alcohol, one of the most dangerous drugs, a drug known to trigger violent behavior, and cause 40% of all car accidents is legal. This seems to be hypocritical of the government. Throughout history the white man has predominantly used alcohol. Marijuana use for instance was largely confined to
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