Recreational Drugs Essay

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Should “Recreational” Drugs Be Legalized? “In 2006, there were approximately 1.9 million drug arrests in the United States. Of these 829,625 (44 percent of the total) were marijuana arrests.” (McKenna 309) One wrong doing can change your life. The purpose of this essay is to state the point that there are too many drugs out there that alter the mind and body, and no one should be putting those in their body legally. Everybody has the right to make their own life decisions but when it comes to abusing something and living with horrifying regrets that affect not only oneself but society in general there should be a stop to it. We might be paying a fortune to keep people incarcerated for drugs but it is keeping them off the streets and away from society. Theodore Dalrymple states: “The argument is that the overwhelming majority of the harm done to society by the consumption of currently illicit drugs is caused not by their pharmacological properties but their prohibition and the resultant criminal activity that prohibition always calls into being.” (319) Recreational drugs are harmful and are not used for non-medical reasons. Marijuana, cocaine, and crack are the most popular recreational drugs when it comes to abusing them. (Carella) Recently, there has been a rise in prescribed drugs for other than the intended way, which can cause serious health risks for the user. Liberals are reaching for recreational drugs to be legalized while conservatives are opposing them. (Kurzbam) As one liberal states, having recreational drugs illegal is tough for abusers because they can’t admit their addiction without being a criminal. Also stating that, “Illegal drugs are unsafe. “Bad needles and bad drugs cause thousands of deaths per year. These deaths could be prevented if drugs were legal. Needles would be safe and easily accessible and impure drugs would be forced out of
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