Recreational Drugs Essay

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Alcohol is one of the most used recreational drugs today. Alcohol can cause a variety of feelings such as relaxation, happiness, drunkenness and sleepiness. Any consumption of alcohol goes directly into the bloodstream and physically affects are body and mind. Alcohol is mainly used for sociability; it is very common for binge drinkers to abuse alcohol, and result with the disease of alcoholism. It is estimated by (National Institution of Justice U.S. Department of Justice, 2007) that more than half the people that are arrested in the U.S. test positive for alcohol. When alcohol is misused, it can lead to addiction. When an individual is addicted to alcohol, it contributes to an increase in property crimes, higher rates of domestic violence, child abuse, sexual violence and robberies. Alcohol used as a recreational drug, come with many side effects that can lead to serious long term effect on the body and mind. Some Illnesses that alcohol can cause are liver disease, heart and respiratory failure, high blood pressure, sexual impotence, memory loss and central nervous system damage. It also depresses the immune system and leaves the body open to illnesses, such as flu and infections. Alcohol is a recreational drug that affects the lives of many people in more ways than one. In the end the only cure for this disease is abstinence. It is very important for individuals that use alcohol as a recreational drug to be aware of all these effects; it has on our body, mind and life itself. The second most commonly used recreational drug in the U.S. is cocaine. It is known by many names, such as toot, powder, girl, rock and crack. It is a stimulant that affects the central nervous system. The drug creates a strong sense of exhilaration. Used as recreational drug individuals generally feel carefree, invincible, euphoric, alert, and have much energy. When the effects
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