Recovering Eden Essay

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Recovering Eden Carolyn Merchant’s words and arguments within her work Reinventing Eden provoke the brain. Merchant attempts to tackle the notion of recovering the biblical Garden of Eden within these modern times. Contrary to multitude of ideas expressed in Merchant’s work, I believe that the Recovery narrative did not influence nor result in the colonization of America and America’s westward migration. Merchant’s main argument within her work is that the original pioneers of America forged westward in search for a new Garden of Eden. The land of the west was ready for Heroic Adam’s hands to reshape lands and create a new Eden on earth. The pioneers succeeded in “improving” the lands by creating intricate gardens in the east and converting the barren deserts of the west into fertile farmland. In some context, they did create a new Eden, however, I do not believe that the “improvements” made by the settlers, is Carolyn Merchant’s personal viewpoint. Throughout Merchant’s text, she argues that society needs to “recover” from this fallen state where humans have destroyed the once idealistic Eden. At first it was unclear on which platform Merchant stood upon. The platform of progress in which Eden is the new modern civilizations filled with science, technology, and convenience; or the platform of digression in which man has destroyed nature and a need to gain it back. As I read, I realized that Merchant researched and elaborated on many different perspectives apart from her own. In her bringing in many contradicting points of views it allows the brain to wander, and it allows this fictional idea of finding the perfect Eden once again seem as if it could possibly be nonfiction. Various times throughout Carolyn Merchant’s text she states that nature the most superior thing. She argues that nature cannot nor should not be manipulated by man, and the world has
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