Recount the Events of the Spring 1989 That Led to the Crack Down of Student Movement

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Recount the events of spring 1989 that led to the crackdown on the students' movements: explore the demands and aspirations of the students and the Chinese society at large, and the way the Chinese government reacted. The students called for government accountability, freedom of the press, freedom of speech, and the restoration of workers' control over industry, better treatment for intellectuals, including more money for education, better salaries and job assignments after graduation. Also, the students protested because of the dissatisfaction with the Communist government. Rampant inflation caused by excessive expansion in consumption, investment, and the money supply caused the prices of raw materials, fuel, transportation and public services to skyrocket. Also, increased corruption and nepotism, as well as strict regulations on newspapers and other publications particularly angered the students. Thus, the students argued that the Communist Party was not focusing enough on political and economic reforms. The students demanded democracy while carrying signs that read, "Oppose privileges" and "Media must tell the truth". The way Chinese Government reacted Firstly, the Chinese government general secretary of the CPC Zhao Ziyang try to use a peaceful stance of reconciliation towards the protesting students and Chinese people but it prove abortive. Following the resilience from the protesters, the then Chinese paramount leader Deng Xiaoping and other party elders resolved in using force against the protesters. They declared a total Martial law on the protesters and deployed 300,000 troops to Beijing that led to the wide spread killing at the Tiananmen Square and arrest of the protesters and their supporters, and also expelled foreign journalist from china. Reference:
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