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Record Organization Tena Bennett Week 6 What conclusions can you draw about similarities and differences in the organization of patient files and the handling of loose reports within small, medium, and large facilities? If applicable, you may want to review the information about record formats from the Week Three Check Point. From the information gathered from my thread and also two others, it is clear that most facilities use the chronological organizational method than others. It does appear to make better sense especially if the patient has been seen by a doctor for different reasons. Chronological organization can give the doctor of what was happening last with the patient. The second method of organization was the use of tabs. This method is beneficial if the doctor wants to see, for example, all of the x-rays of a patient. The x-ray from a year ago may be different than one taken that day. The handling of loose reports varies from facility to facility. While some anchor the paper information into a file another may place it in a folder to wait for entry at a later time. I did see that one of my classmates stated that new paperwork is put into a folder and is labeled unfinished notes and that information is entered at the end of the day. I can see how this particular procedure can cause problems for the facility and also the patients. I would prefer to anchor a patient’s paper information in their chart and then enter it into the computer one chart at a time. This decreases the chance of misfiling information into the electronic records. My conclusion is that most facilities will use the electronic chronological organizational method and anchor paper information in the patient file until it is entered into a computer system. Implementing this two systems together can help a facility keep patient information safe and easy to access for the medical

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