Reconstruction Vs Radical Reconstruction Essay

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Practice 5.1 1.Describe the differences between Presidential Reconstruction and Radical Reconstruction. Who backed each view and which one eventually won? A. 2.The purpose of the Fourteenth Amendment was to A.C. make sure that African Americans were recognized as citizens 3.The Amendment to the Constitution that was intended to give African Americans the right to vote was the A.C. Fifteenth Amendment Practice 5.2 1. Who was John D. Rockefeller and what impact did he have in the United States? A. Rockefeller made it big in the oil business. Through the trust, Rockefeller was able to dictate prices, eliminate competition, and control the U.S oil industry. 2. What role did railroads play in opening the West and Contributing to the rise of big business? A. Railroads played a major role in the industrial growth and expansion.…show more content…
Chinese and Irish Immigrants are remembered for A. B. their contributions to building the nation’s railroads. 4. Which of the following would be the best way to describe the U.S governments approach to dealing with Native Americans on the frontier? A. D. Conquest, in which the United used its military to take Native American lands and relocate tribes to areas designated by the United States government 5. What were some of the living and working conditions faced by poor laborers and immigrants to the U.S in the big cities? A. Working conditions were often difficult. Factories relied on the work of specialized laborers with machines that performed the same task over and over. Work hours were long, wages were low, and factory conditions were often very dangerous. Living conditions were often hard as well. TO house the overwhelming numbers of migrants and immigrants, urban slums(poor, inner-city neighborhoods) consisting of tenements arose in cities. Practice 5.3 1. Which of the following would an isolationist support? A.A. staying out of World War I 2.For what reasons did the US eventually enter World War
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