Reconstruction Era Essay

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Reconstruction Era Essay Kevin Warmack During the Reconstruction era Americans faced many challenges rebuilding the United States after the Civil War. The Civil War succeeded in freeing the slaves but created a new challenge of educating and finding jobs and homes for these newly freed people. The post war government was torn between the Northerners who had won the war and the Southerners who didn’t want to lose control of their government and way of life, setting up a government that could be shared among each group proved to be a challenge. There were many challenges facing the Americans during the Reconstruction era, fortunately they were solved. Following the Civil War there was a new group of people that the government needed to make a part of society, the newly freed slaves. The former slaves the “freedmen” were granted new rights during the reconstruction era but were in need of help as they were never before allowed to own property, go to school, vote or be paid wages for their work. One of the ways the government met this challenge was the Freedman’s Bureau. In 1865 Congress passed bill that formed an agency that helped the freed slaves it was called the Freedmen’s Bureau. Nearly 4,000,000 former slaves were making the change from slavery to freedom many were poor and had no money food or medical help, the bureau built hospitals to care for them and gave food to those in need. It also built schools for African-Americans including the historically black universities that still exist today like, Howard and Morehouse. These schools helped to build a new class of blacks that were allowed to vote and hold offices, many became teachers an began teaching in schools for the children. Although efforts were made to help the freed slaves, and get equal rights for them many white southerners revolted against this. Groups sprang up to abolish

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