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Reconstruction Dbq Essay

  • Submitted by: Raider911
  • on March 15, 2011
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The Reconstruction Era, the period after the historic Civil War between 1860 to 1877, contained many revolutionary characteristics. From the economic advancements to the leap from slavery to free men, in many ways the Reconstruction Era was revolutionary, but by no means was it a revolution. Although the many changes, for the benefit of the people, did occur, the failures of this era restrained it from having a greater outcome. The Reconstruction Era, from 1860 to 1877, should not be considered a revolution, because its outcomes were nullified by the regaining of legislative power in the South by confederate leaders and because of the inequality of races.
The struggle for power was a sign that although no longer separated, political parties in the North and the South showed vastly different ideas. The Southern Democrats was made up of former Confederate leaders. They incorporated their original Confederate beliefs to create their proposal. One of their main proposals was to be liberated from the North, because after the Civil War, the South felt that it was being controlled by the North and also being in its shadow. The next point made by the Southern Democrats was critical, the idea that the Black Codes were needed to be put in place, which in fact was just a lighter term for the continuation of slavery. This limited the new freedmen greatly, by restricting them to move, making them work on plantations. The Radical Republicans, originating in the North, were strongly opposed to slavery, protecting the newly freedmen and had no intention of reconciliation with the South. The Moderate Republicans, serving as the peacemakers, were focused on the further unification of the North and the South, while keeping slavery out the nation. The differences in ideas showed how the Reconstruction Era failed to fully unify the nation.
Another failure of the Reconstruction Era was clearly expressed in the differences between the Presidency of Abraham Lincoln and the Presidency...

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