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Reconstruction Dbq Essay

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  • on May 9, 2013
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Reconstruction was a period of time in history that started at the end of the Civil War (in 1865) and lasted until the year 1877. This was a very important and tremendous adjustment, in which the country faced many problems. In addition to rebuilding demolished cities and towns, which were destroyed during the war, the country also had many unsolved issues like the rebels that had to be reunited with the union once more, plus the four million slaves and they’re former masters that had to adjust the emancipation, and the south faced extreme economical problems. This may be misleading because the United States met many successes during the reconstruction era, but in ended up with many failures trying to amalgamate the country once more. The abuse of sharecropping and arise of the Ku Klux Klan were two of the many failures during reconstruction. However the tremendous transformation of the south from desolate to prosperous and the schools for freedmen were two successes that countered the failures.
When the Civil War ended many African-Americans who were former slaves (freedmen) had no money, no land, and no skills to blend in with the rest community. So many freedmen became sharecroppers. Sharecroppers were people who rented land from a landlord, and in exchange they got a “share” of the crop they produced. Sharecroppers needed to borrow money for necessities, so not much money was made. As shown in document 4 there is a photograph of a freedman working as a sharecropper. This picture does have similar depictions of earlier photos taken of slavery. Slavery and sharecropping were very similar. Sharecropping kept freedmen dependent on plantations and had them working for ridiculous hours almost everyday. Also, it kept freedmen under control of the white man. Usually plantations and land that was rented was held by former slave owners. The landlords were also most likely white men, not freedmen or women. This was one of the various blunders created in the era of...

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