Reconstruction Essay

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Dear, Roisin Today’s date is ( ) it has been a long time and I miss you terribly. With each passing moment I miss you more and more. It has been ( ) days since we separated from the shores of Ireland. still ( ) days till I finally arrive on free soil. Earlier today I bumped into a man, an American man. His name was John Abraham. He was travel in on a spontaneous holiday and well he offered me a job to work on the railroads in America. Just imagine me ( ), traveling into vast wideness, laying down the framework for what I believe he called the..well it doesn’t matter. I can’t wait to see your face again, to hold you in my arms. When I do we will have a home. We will have a better home with furniture of our own, a fire place, A stove for you to cook on and land. Land all our own. This will be the beginning of something great for us I know it. Next time you hear from me I shall hopefully be able to send it form our new home. Love always Abban Ardgall Abban unaware of what has occurred in America over the past several years, Blinded by his ideas of the future has before was to be surprised when he arrived at the docks. People shouts and shoving, people complaining about “reconstruction” and “Urbanization” other supporting it through news papers and books. As he got off the docks he ran into a boy selling

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