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From 1865-1877, the Reconstruction Era was the period after the Civil War in America. It was during this time that ideas were thrown out over how the country would be “restructured” after the Civil War. The three phases that Reconstruction can be characterized into are the Presidential Stage, then the Congressional Stage, and then finally the Redemption Stage. Reconstruction also was both successful and unsuccessful. Many aspects of Reconstruction never came about, while the Union, broken up in the Civil War, did end up being saved. The first phase of Reconstruction was the Presidential Stage. During this stage, both President Lincoln and Johnson attempted to restructure certain aspects. President Johnson was just a miserable failure and did not make much progress or get much done during his stay in office. President Johnson eventually ended up getting impeached. President Lincoln’s policies were much more logical than President Johnson’s. his plan consisted of a lot of trust. He would pardon all southerners who took an oath of loyalty and agree to the emancipation of all slaves. He also said that every state had to rewrite its constitution and to remove slavery from it. Many people believed that Lincoln was making it too easy for the southern states and being too nice. After Lincoln’s assassination, when President Johnson came into power, Congress was getting a little fed up with these presidential plans for Reconstruction. Johnson was not successful either and ended up impeached, so now it was Congress’s turn to try their hand at Reconstruction. The Second Phase of reconstruction was the Congressional Stage. During this stage, Reconstruction made a lot of progress, even though there were radical changes being made. The Congress at this time was mostly made up of so-called Radical Republicans. Congress’s plans were by far the most extreme ideas set-forth for

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