The Reconstruction Essay

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The Reconstruction The reconstruction is a topic that many had their own topics about. From the violence to apathy the result of a well tried plan to restore America and to stop the division of America. The reconstruction a era after the civil war it started as president Lincoln wanted one nation one dream as to come together be as one and not be divided but after the assassination of Lincoln a man by the name of Andrew Jackson the successor of president Lincoln had other views of that vision that Lincoln had . It started as a revolution to bring one country together but as people found out Johnson a very devious man repulsed just the thought of the negroes as equal to them and did everything in his power to abolish that idea. This event led to the failure of reconstruction which led to extremely charged racist violence which was occurring it led to bombings , betrayals undutiful behaviors for example their would be radical republicans who were in the juries of court which led into unfairness in courts so the radicals would always have the right of way .While all this happening let to the failure of the reconstruction movement . Although a lot of great prosperous thing’s came out of this movement it led to a lot of revolutionary things and put ideas and thoughts to future followers of the reconstruction to start the effort to bring every body equally. Andrew Johnson had a great deal of supporters such as the radical republicans and the Ku Klux Klan which was a highly prejudice group who hated the negroes with every passion they had .They were evil they originated in eighteen sixty seven. They planned evil things to try to do everything in the power to destroy the negroes .They also had alliances in jury’s so their to were a lot of injustice was done . The poor whites and farmers in the south were feared to help the freed slaves of

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