Reconciliation Essay

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The main character in the story, Laura, is not a very normal person. When among other people she doesn’t know, she struggles to be normal, “I hope he realizes how much planning, thought, how much normality it took for me to be here today” (p. 1, l. 34-35). She knows that she is not completely normal and it sounds like she struggled a bit showing up at her husband’s office and trying to act normal. It also seems as if Laura is a bit insecure and really cares about what other people think of her, because she takes of her shoes, thinking that it would look weird with her skirt. A normal person would know that it is not appropriate to walk around barefooted on the first day of work. This shows that that she has a bad sense of time. The fact that Laura is about to get divorced and lose her husband could also be the explanation of why she is so insecure. She might think that something is wrong with her and that could also explain why she is jealous of Janny, her husband’s assistant, “[…]and I don’t think I ever longed to be someone so much as I long to be her. ”. Laura gets very absorbed with matching numbers and pairing them up with the perfect match. ‘’What about 22.48 and 22.49 – do they beliong to each other? After all, they are so nearly the same. But then, 22.48 presents itself, collects it perfect partner and 22.49 remains unreconciled” (p.3, l. 94-96). This may refer to the perfect life that she is longing for. She kind of compares herself with 22.49 and Vernon with 22.48. So close but still doesn’t match. Laura also has a really strange relationship with her husband. “[…]up to my manager’s desk. His name is Vernon. He looks like a turtle” (p. 1, l. 22-23). This is the first time we hear about Vernon. She just introduces him as her manager at first and she says nothing about how she I related to him. Her husband is the one to reveal their relationship as

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