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FauxCo To: David Beighley FauxCo C.E.O. From: Bryan Carroll, Andrea Filary, Seneka Hawkins, Charlie McMillan, Corrie Vincent Subject: Recommendation for potential international expansion Date: March 26 2012 We were tasked with the research of six different countries to determine which would be the best for FauxCo to establish an office. With the current growth of our company we are looking to branch out around the world. We chose these six because of their location around the world and the different regions we would be able to reach. We researched the proposed countries on the U.S. Department of State website and the Central Intelligence Agency World Factbook website to gain insight into each nation’s current social, economic, and political structures. With the success of FauxCo in mind we look into the cultural variables such as the cost of living, population literacy, land use, natural resources, and U.S. relations. We consulted the World Bank website to determine the procedural burden FauxCo would face when entering into a new market. We compared Guyana, Vanuatu, Angola, Kyrgyzstan, Timor-Leste, and Djibouti using the above criterion. Of these considered we would recommend that FauxCo establish a regional office in Timor-Leste. We have decided that this would be a good choice mainly for the thought that it would be a cheaper method compared to placement in the United States or any other country that was a possibility. The idea of any other country left our group with an uneasy feeling, weather it was the economy or the surroundings to the main cities. Timor-Leste was a country that has a safe environment, and a government that works alongside the government of the U.S. This is a country that would be a good place to house a new facility that would be branded with the name FauxCo and would be a solid way to expand our company

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