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Teacher Recommendation Form • Most colleges require that applicants submit two letters of recommendation written by junior or senior year teachers who have taught the student for a semester or more. Students should select teachers from different subject areas. Please see your counselor if you have questions. • Students will use the same two teachers for all of their applications; teachers are encouraged to use the same letter of recommendation for all of the students’ colleges. • Students who are considering an optional supplemental letter of recommendation should approach those recommenders now if those adults are teachers, coaches, or other individuals here at NCS or at St. Albans. As has been explained at spring family conferences, supplemental letters are truly optional; students should carefully consider the “value-added” of letters from non-classroom sources. • Students are asked to respect a teacher’s right to decline their request. • If a student intends to ask a senior year teacher for a letter, an initial request should be made now. The request will be confirmed next fall, when schedules are set. o Please note that asking a teacher for a letter does not mean that the student will receive special consideration for scheduling purposes. Furthermore, securing a teacher from senior year is dependent upon the student’s enrollment in the fall semester section of that course. • Submission of this form is an agreement between the teacher and student. Any student who wishes to change her recommender should submit that change to the College Guidance Office and to her original recommender in writing. • A student must provide her recommender with three weeks notice when requesting a letter of recommendation. Signing of this form is only a preliminary request; students are expected to follow-up with specific requests and instructions as

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