Recession By Zyglis Analysis

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Result of Recession by Zyglis A political cartoon is one of the best ways to convey a message to an audience in order to inform them of a current situation and acknowledge the reality of politics and our surroundings. The Buffalo news cartoonist Adam Zyglis published the cartoon “Recession to Depression” in 2009, when the recession was flaring up and the entire nation in panic and hopeless. Zyglis cartoon also encourages an audience to think critically and give them the confidence to raise their voices for their rights from their political leaders so they can realize the magnitude of crisis that the people were going through. The cartoonist portrays how people were breaking down emotionally due to recession in 2009. Through the use of caricature, pathos, and visual elements, such as Irony and symbolism makes the cartoon more effective. An article from 2008 predicts the jobless rate…show more content…
It is a biggest nightmare of their lives. The horrendous health devil of depression is making their mind fatigue and they are unable to overcome or rescue the recession problem. The last dialogue of the cartoon “Sell” tells us that the author highlights the downfall of the stock and business that nobody is ready to buy or sell anything, and all the businesses ended into extensive destruction. Adam Zyglis cartoon is effective in many ways. First the selection of the title clearly tells us that what is the cartoon about and what message is he trying to convey through the selection of his dialogue throughout the cartoon. The year it was publish has also supported the cartoon because it was publish in 2009 when the recession started increasing at the high rate and it was spreading like a virus in the
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