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Reflections in Recent Years and Into the Present Lynne Cadorette Psy 108 THE YEAR 2003 was an overwhelming year for me. This was the year my husband and I adopted our grandchildren and made them our own. Jason just turned two, and Ivy Mae was not even a year old yet, I had an extended family at the age of 47. I could no longer just walk out the door anytime I pleased, late night dinners were out, and weekend getaways no longer existed. Friends, (or whom I thought were friends), quit calling. They did not understand that the babies came first. No longer were they the highest on my priority list. The perception they showed, when I had time for them, illustrated to me just how thoughtless, uncaring and whining they really were. The first few months were the hardest. I realized, at the age of 47, I was not…show more content…
Being a mother 25 years ago seemed a whole lot easier then when you are 47! However, things start coming back and just like “riding a bike” you do not forget. In fact, something’s are easier. Formula in the can, more prepared foods, better selection of disposable diapers, etc., etc. At 47, I have become a mother….again. In the year 2005, my mother had been living with us for about a year and a half, having Alzheimer disease, it was getting harder to control her at home. She was wandering around at night, fallen a couple of times, gotten into her medications and overdosed. I felt for her safety and my peace of mind it would be better to put her in a nursing home. 2 months later, she passed away. I felt I did the right thing, but, the guilt I feel, even to this day is sometimes overwhelming. My identity went from being the daughter, right back to being the parent again, making all the decisions for her; financially, medically, right down to the funeral service and handling her estate

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