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Assignment No. 2 On Case Study on : HARLEY - DAVIDSONS Submitted by: Sadhna Yadav Date: 21st, Oct 2009 SUMMARY: Schoolmates Arthur Davidson and William S Harley shared a passion for mechanics, especially for motorcycle engines. Both longed to join the ranks of motorcycle pioneers. By 1901 they had designed four motorcycle engines ready to be fitted into bicycle frames. With time, Harley- Davidson emerged as a cult brand. Harley-Davidson is the leading motorcycle manufacturer in the US with over 50% market share. H-D depends on innovative products, premium pricing, unique retail environment and experiential and relationship marketing to maintain its status as a cult brand. It enjoys huge brand loyalty. Deeply connected to American culture and values, H-D has become a symbol of rugged individualism, freedom and rebellion. H-D has cultivated its image and relationships over a long period of time and effectively wrapped itself around its customers using multiple marketing techniques. Every touch point - the product itself, its distribution channels, sales, customer service, design, communications and brand extensions - has been harnessed to enhance the company's brand identity. H-D has historically controlled the demand-supply gap of its products to create a scarcity value for the brand. With the changing demographic and market scenario, H-D is slowly changing its strategy on all fronts. In 2005, all eyes were trained on H-D as it made the transition from operating in the unique, high growth, selling environment that it experienced in the 1990s and early 2000s, to one that is sustainable on an ongoing basis. In recent times, the scarcity value has reduced as a result of its aggressive strategy to match demand and supply. Although the company's efforts to correct the demand-supply gap are going in the right direction, they are also leading to rising

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