Recent Failure Essay

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A recent failure I had was when I was in the 11th grade, I got an E in AP World History, because I didn’t understand and wasn’t really attentive in the class. I was basically struggling at that point that I was considering dropping out of that class, since it was just the beginning of the 1st quarter. I told my AP World History teacher that I would like to transfer from her class, she asked me why and I told her my situation, then she told me that If I put a lot of effort and strength into my work, come for tutoring, read at least twice a week from your textbook, and try my best, that I would improve. Then I thought about what she said, and realized I shouldn’t give up, that I should at least try and make some effort. Therefore I decided that I would do as she says, try to learn and study as much as possible, do all my work, stay on task, be very diligent , studious and very attentive in class, also try to achieve for an A in her class and strive for the best. So I made a lot of dramatic improvement and effort in the class, which amazes my teacher and my parents and I was very proud of myself, that I could do it, I began to get straight A’s on my report cards. And as for the final exam, I aced it with flying colors, which was my recent achievement. Following my teacher advice, really increase my strength and boost my confidence in all my other areas of weakness, so from all of this, I learned that I shouldn’t give up on anything in life, that I should try and strive for the best in life, and overcome all obstacles that comes my way and also not be afraid to ask for help or advice on difficult or very complex situations. This experience will definitely change how I act in the future because now I know that I should be goal oriented and believe in myself in everything I do and not give up so quickly and make the most of my abilities, I should keep on
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