Rebellion In Lord Of The Flies

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A plane crash, boys on a deserted island, no adults, a book for simple reading pleasure? Doubt it! Lord of the Flies has been called a fable in which characters are symbols for abstracts ideas. A fable is a short story, with characters conveying a moral. The many decisions and events that take place are not ones for literary purposes, but instead to show the ways of humanity. For example, the death of Simon was not for the interesting plot, but to prove the overwhelming feelings the boys have towards killing the beast and the pig. This I shown through the boys not recognizing Simon, and letting the chanting and overwhelming thoughts of the hunt take over them, proving that humans often take things to a whole new level of excitement. Many of…show more content…
In Lord of the Flies, the boys have an established convention with which Jack, a main character, often runs into conflict obeying. Jack first shows this conflict when he and his choir are in charge of keeping the signal fire running at all times. However Jack feels differently and chooses to take the boys hunting which leads to the fire burning out. Jack shows no remorse and continues to disobey. Identically, Jack refuses to use the rule: those who have the conch may speak. Often when someone has the conch Jack will comment or start his own arguments. For example, when he interrupts Jack during his speech “Jack stood up, scowling in the gloom and held out his hands. “ I haven’t finished yet” “But you’ve talked and talked”, page 81. This shows that Jack has no respect for authority figures. As a result of Jack’s lack of respect for authority, he becomes very upset and begins his own tribe, by calling down Ralph and starting rumors. His tribe however becomes one of savagery and inhumanity. This result proves Jack has given up all respect and is rebelling by starting a new kind of authority, one of hate and violence. Jack is the embodiment of the rebel inside of every
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