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The Sinister Servant Mrs. Danvers, the housekeeper of the famous Manderley, is a sinister creature who makes it her mission to belittle the heroine at every opportunity. The heroine describes Mrs. Danvers as a figure “tall and gaunt, dressed in deep black, whose prominent cheek-bones and great, hollow eyes [give] her a skill’s face” (du Maurier 67). Mrs. Danvers first appearance acts as an omen toward her sinister actions up ahead. This description paints a picture of the horrible woman the readers soon get to know. As soon as the heroine, the new Mrs. de Winter arrives at her new home, Mrs. Danvers gives her “a feeling of unrest” and out of the corner of her eye, the protagonist “could see that black figure standing out alone, individual and apart” (68). From their first encounter, Mrs. Danvers separates herself from the new Mrs. de Winter. By doing this, she further states her loyalty to the late Mrs. de Winter, which leads to the downfall of not only Mrs. Danvers, but Manderley itself. Mrs. Danvers’ anger reaches a breaking point during a confrontational argument with the new Mrs. de Winter, where she says to the heroine, “Nobody wanted you here at tried to take Mrs. de Winter’s Place” (245). Mrs. Danvers’ piercing words struck the heroine and Mrs. Danvers hateful thoughts were no longer just assumed, but proven. Mrs. Danvers’ sinister character created the ominous presence in Manderley that also leads to self destruction of Danvers, but also of the beautiful place one known as Manderley. The Ghost of Rebecca Rebecca, also known as the late or first Mrs. de Winter plays a haunting charcter throughout the noel Rebecca, also named after her. The way people boast about Rebecca, saying that “she was the most beautiful creature [they] ever saw in [their] life” struck fear and anxiety in the heroine’s heart (137). Although Rebecca is dead

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