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The author Rebecca Blank, is bringing to our attention something that has been over looked, showing us the deeper problem of poverty among our single and divorced mothers. She shows us that the poverty among the single and divorced women is connected with the, fathers’ ability to pay his child support. Rebecca shows us that it is hard to collect data on the absent father, because he is not in the public eye. I think she is trying to show us that if there was more focus on the absent father, that this could help turn some of the problem around. By what she is writing, she is not making excuses for the absent father, just the reasoning behind why he doesn’t or cannot pay. She is pointing out also that just because the father doesn’t pay child support that he is still in his children’s lives because he does truly care about them. analysis The author Rebecca Blank, is saying this in a manner of concern. She truly shows her feelings on this matter by the research that she has clearly…show more content…
By bringing awareness to the deeper problem, we can approach it in a more positive manner than the negative manner we have always approached it in. If we approach the fathers differently, by showing them how they too can go back to school and better themselves. I think this would help solve some of the problem then just merely telling them that we will put you in jail if you do not pay. We take it for granted that the poor uneducated father knows exactly what to do to better himself, when he may not have any idea on how to, and also with no moral support. I have seen child support agencies look down their nose at fathers for not paying and he is trying to explain his situation, and the agency just turning their nose up at him, instead of heading him in the direction of success. I think there should be more programs for the father so we can help the root of the

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