Reba Meagher Case Study

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5b Jagera Drive Bellingen NSW 2454 2nd August 2008 The Hon Reba Meagher The Minister for Health Dear Mrs Reba Meagher I am a student studying certificate II of General and Vocational Education at Coffs Harbour Education campus of TAFE and I am very concerned about the instability of the maternity care offered by Bellingen Base Hospital. I believe expectant parent are disadvantaged by having to tavel to Coffs Harbour for anything that isnt considered a “normal Pregnancy”. The downgrading in recent years of the obstetric resources at the hospital has led to the current crisis and this needs to be addressed. The Bellingen hospital has always had a fantastic reputation for child birth. Some of the doctors that have affiliated with bellingen were at the fore front of medical breakthroughs we have seen twins, triplets and even quads borns in Bellingen hospital over the years. The quads made history at the time.…show more content…
Given the growth of Bellingen and surrounding towns over the last decade the prospect of women from Kalang and thora having to Travel up to 1 and1/2 hours to get to a hospital is absurb. Especially given the state of the roads that connect the out reaching

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