Reassigning the Identity of the Pregnant and Parenting Student

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Critical Article Critique “Reassigning the Identity of the Pregnant and Parenting Student” “Reassigning the Identity of the Pregnant and Parenting Student” written by Heidi L. Hallman is a critical research article outlining the stereotypes placed upon teen mothers. The focus of the study summarizes the practices of a school designed for parenting students. Hallman attempts to emancipate teenage mothers and pregnant teens by creating a new identity for them. She also researches, analyzes, and reports her finding of the effectiveness of a school designed to provide additional support to these students. Her goal is to better understand why teenage mothers have been marginalized by society for many years and wants to change this image and create a new identity for these girls. She also wants to display what types of educational practices are being offered to assist these students at schools designed particularly for pregnant teens and teenage mothers. This research paper is considered to be emancipator/transformative as the one of the main needs for the research paper was outlined to encourage educators to change the way they see pregnant and parenting students. “By examining important aspects of their school-based learning, specifically the literacy practices in which these teens engage, educators are prompted to reconsider the identity of the pregnant and parenting student.” (Hallman, 2007, p.82) The participants become empowered and are encouraged to believe in themselves as members of Eastview School for Pregnant and Parenting Teens. One of the lessons in Bob’s class was a discussion responding to a letter to the editor arguing that schools like Eastview School were enabling students to make poor decisions and to act irresponsibly. The students’ responses clearly displayed their feelings regarding the letter. The discussion was facilitated in a

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