Reasons Why The United States Evolved In The War Of 1812

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The War of 1812 was caused by many conflicts between the United States and England. At the time England and France were at war, also known as the Napoleonic Wars. The United States wanted to remain neutral and not get involved in the war but this soon changed when England began to confiscate American ships. In 1807 an English ship called the Leopard opened fire on an American ship called the Chesapeake killing three and injuring eighteen. The Chesapeake and Leopard incident of 1807 made the American people realize that something had to be done. After the incident president Jefferson created the Embargo Act which banned export trade from the United States. This Act really affected the economy in the United States because many people relied on trade from other countries either to buy goods or to sell them.…show more content…
The Indians were tired of getting kicked off their land by the Americans and decided to make an army and defend their territory. Also England was on their side which made the conflict that much greater. After about a year of conflict the Treaty of Ghent was signed and the war was finally over. Even after the treaty had been signed the news did not reach the United Stated until about a month later and the battle of New Orleans took place, it had no military significance but England lost over 2 thousand soldiers and the United States lost under fifty. The greatest effects the War of 1812 had on the United States were the growth of its industry and nationalism. The industry in the United States grew tremendously because trade was disrupted and Americans had to make their own things and develop their own manufacturing rather than depend on trade. Nationalism was inspired by the victory of the Battle of New
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